Jill Andrews

I joined Worthing Sailing Club in the mid nineties after buying my first dart from one of its members not having a clue how to sail it, luckier Rod Windrow gave me a week’s crash course as he was changing jobs at the time. I had crewed in dinghies in my late teens but took up windsurfing in a minor way when the sport took off. Thinking that it would be nice to sail with Clive we decided to buy a catamaran ending up with the best, a Dart but we failed to gel as a team when sailing and never race together, but both enjoy the club. I agreed to join the committee and served on it for a couple of years, after which, I was asked to be commodore I felt this was a great complement and served for three years until 2012 and now have the honour to be your President. The club is all about sailing for fun and competition getting the family to enjoy the sport and making new friends. To keep you up to date with things as well as the club diary with all the racing dates and tide times Nigel is doing a weekly e-mail with any forth coming events the club is holding.

The ethos of the Club is very much “Don't stand apart - Be a part”

So get the most out of the club come down and enjoy it.

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