Evening Series 7

Given the number of Dart 18s stacked on trailers in readiness for the Dart 18 Worlds, it always seemed likely the turn out would be rather low. In my case, due to personal circumstances, I was a little lucky to arrive in time to take part at all. Indeed I had only persisted on the...

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This week saw a weather phenomena which Britain sees only once every 40 years. It was called summer. In my case I spent a good deal of it in the hands of our National Rail network. The free bottles of water were a nice touch to make up for endless delays and breakdowns due to the wrong kind of heat....

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The low pressures of last weekend continued to dominate the early part of the week. Indeed with the Jetstream much further south than normal for the season, this unstable pattern seemed likely to continue. It's a sobering thought that 2016 Evening Series 4 is the last one before the Summer Solstice...

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You can now order WSC clothing direct

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