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Home / News / Race Report 28th Nov
Home / News / Race Report 28th Nov

Race Report 28th Nov

Published 09:51 on 1 Dec 2021

Sunday's sailing was a bright frosty affair with the main losers being sailors' frozen feet, and the main winners, apart from Rob/Fi, was the sport of sailing and the concept of good clean healthy fun.

In a great example of Euro cooperation, Nigel 'Farage' Jupp and Riccardo 'von der Leyden' Bertazolli combined to ensure the massive fleet (4 dart 18's, and one Laser) were entertained with floating objects to sail around, in a particular direction with occasional shouts to or at each other, manouevres apparently at will, all following the couple on the red hulled boat with the Hollywood-good looks, periodically activating a hooter (Nige and Riccardo, that is), for a set period of time which seemed to be a little never-ending in the second race (that last lap was entirely gratuitous). Keen observers also noted a smaller boat, with no mast or sails, but quite a lot faster than most of the others by means of an outboard motor, that seemed to catch-up and then go away from the sailing boats in a random fashion. Having originally carelessly left the floating objects on the sea with little thought of pattern or aesthetics, the faster smaller boat (which was staffed by one of WSC's profusion of Big Phils, this one the one with the surname Guimaraens (or something very similar), along with Roger Finlason) then stole them but had an attack of conscience and brought them back to the beach. Then someone very rugged like a farmer on a tractor, Mike Coady, took the small boat up the beach whilst all the other sailors with their freezing feet struggled to push the bigger boats by hand up over the shingle. Everyone then went and had a 'HUGE' sausage roll apart from your correspondent who was wickedly and cruelly deprived of any sustenance.

Next Sunday we can do the same again. Oh no we can't, it's the Christmas lunch so all of the people who would be sailing will instead be sitting down to their Christmas lunch in the sailing club. Apart from most of them that is. But its for the children so that's alright then. It's a well known fact that WSC could put a man (or woman, or other) on the moon, or at least organise a successful D18 Nationals, but lay on two races and then get an entirely different set of people unconnected to sailing to organise a meal for(cont'd p94)

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