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Home / News / Sailing Report 15th May - 21st May
Home / News / Sailing Report 15th May - 21st May

Sailing Report 15th May - 21st May

Published 13:49 on 21 May 2021

Sailing Report

Sunday 16th May 2021. Spring Series 9 and 10: all racing abandoned.
F5-6 plus, S/W

No racing, alas, although there was some optimism with boats making it as far as the beach, only to be hauled back up when Gareth hoisted the Luker blue/white checked colours to abandon proceedings. The previous day saw a lot of training activity, in similar conditions, with hoards of young persons being thrown into the raging surf, picos being towed through Hawaii type breakers, and an oversized SUP providing entertainment. A sombre moment saw our new Commodore breaking a bone (right radial, I believe), twixt boat and sea-bed amidst turbulent shallows there must be easier ways of landing a pico! Get well soon

Moving on to other matters:

Wednesday 19th May 2021 Midweek 1. Race officer: Gareth Luker/Peter Roberts/Charles Maddocks, Patrol Boat: Mercedes Franco/Tim Rose, Beach M: Phil Selwood
F4-5 W, N/W Sunny

First mid-week race since 2019, and it was a doozie. 13 boats split into cat and mono-fleets, with the latter almost exclusively young persons, albeit with a slightly older Andy Ruffer helming one of the five fevas. We were told that only one boat was over the line at the start, although it did look very deceptive to several of the crews. One of the issues of a diagonal line I suppose.

Within the monos, I only noticed one capsize which was rectified pretty quickly, otherwise it was good to see some close racing, and a somewhat cavalier attitude to the on-water rights of those pesky Darts. Ruffers, Andy/Eddie, took the honours, with Amelia/Max and then Noah/Josh behind. In the cats, Rod/Sarah (the latter enjoying a nice exchange with one of the fevas for having the temerity to not be the windward boat whilst on the same tack), were very much in their element with big wind and waves and finished ahead of Rob/Fi and Caleb/Chloe with an impressive performance to kick off the series in the cat class. Dave G/Vasco (welcome, Vasco!) managed to pip Patrick/Debs on the finishing line, although it was in the latter's defence that they were forced to avoid one of the fevas who despite being on port wanted to pick a fight with a D18. They very politely apologised afterwards; of course this contrition is welcome, but will I ever get the chance to beat Dave Goodwin in a D18 again? I weep bitter tears of regret.although to be fair I had no very clear notion of where the finish line actually was. For the rest of the cats, Graham Sewell in his D15 did well to push redoubtable single-hander Matt Cooper behind him on handicap, with Darren already retired owing to his inability to tie a figure of eight, and thus losing his main-sheet block.

Gareth and his team had set a good upwind/downwind course, which did have to cope with a shifting wind, especially at the end with it veering northwards. The forecast lull didn't really materialise and it was a good start to 2021 evening series. It was also great to be back in the club-house, with Sasha and Jonty dishing up gleaming plates of golden fish and chips. With peas. And a lemon wedge.

The weekend's forecast is looking dubious for Sunday but distinctly possible for Saturday training perhaps there will be a WhatsApp message about it...

Patrick Palmer
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